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Real Estate Answers. Houston. Pearland. Texas.
    Welcome to We hope that the site is helpful in finding the answers you need to your pressing real estate questions. From First Time Home Buyer Programs, FHA Loans, Down Payment Assistance Programs, and even how to invest in real estate; you can read about it at
    This site was created in wake of the mortgage fallout that has occured within the past few years. We believe that irresponsible Mortgage Professionals and Real Estate Agents failed to educate their clients and contributed ultimately to the record breaking foreclosures that have occured. The solution to this problem is education for the public to help avoid irresponsible "Real Estate and Mortgage Professionals". Feel free to browse the site and educate yourself on whatever it is that you want to learn about real estate. Take your time because there is a lot to learn. Buying a home is often the single largest investment an American will make, so don't rush it and make sure you have the answers and the facts before jumping into anything. 
    If you cannot find the answer directly from the pages within this site, feel free to e-mail us at We will answer your questions without hassling you or trying to sell you something.

"The more education you have prior to the purchase or sell, the better chance you have at being happy with the outcome."

                                                                        -Ozzie Ramirez
                                                                         Founder of

Look out for the New and Improved to be released by July 2008!!!

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Foreclosures, Stop Foreclosure: (281) 648-4440
Commercial Real Estate, Commercial Investment: (281) 282-9999

Office Locations:
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1506 E. Broadway St. #202                               17405 El Camino Real  #220      
Pearland, TX  77581                                          Houston, TX  77058
Recent News:
1) No More 100% Financing:
Mortgage Lenders are pulling out of giving 100% financing. Pretty soon there will be few to no lenders that will offer 100% financing. Down Payments of 5% to 10%+ will more than likely be the only financing available, except FHA programs that require 3% Down. 
2) FHA Raises Limits:
FHA has raised its limits on purchase from $202,000 to $271,000(in Pearland and surrounding areas). This means that homebuyers that are looking into buying in higher priced areas, such as Pearland and Friendswood can now lock in great FHA rates when purchasing properties up to $271,000 in value with a Down Payment of 3%. Limits subject to jurisdiction.
3) Gift of Nehemiah wins Lawsuit:
Down Payment Assistance Programs won their lawsuit against HUD. This means that programs like Genesis, Gift of Nehemiah, and Ameridream will continue helping buyers with Down Payment Assistance.
Steps to buying a home:
1) Find the right REALTOR®
2) Get pre-qualified by mortgage company
3) Shop for homes via internet
4) Narrow list and visit homes
5) Write an offer and negotiate
6) Finalize negotiation and execute contract
7) Get home inspected during option period
(Re-negotiate, if necessary)
8) Shop mortgages and make a decision based on interest rate and overall program
9) Find the best insurance
10) Arrange transfer of utilities
11) Walk-through to make sure home is left in good condition
12) Sign closing documents
13) Pick up keys and move in
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